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Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing

Are We Aware Yet?
Dialogue with Steven Harrison, Recorded at the 2003 Inner Directions Gathering

"How is it that we can even make consciousness into another idea? So what I am going to ask you to do today is to consider—just consider—giving it all up. Can you give up not just the sense of self and all the qualities of ego that we have cataloged so clearly in all our years of spirituality, but give up consciousness, the Holy Grail? This is to give up spirituality with all its qualities, to give up all your experiences." —from Are We Aware Yet?

Are We Aware Yet? cover

70 min.
Audio cassette
To order, visit Sentient Publications. Downloadable MP3 version available for $6.95 at and Learn Out Loud.

If you were unable to make it to the Inner Directions 2003 Gathering, "Opening the Heart," in La Jolla, California, you can still hear Steven Harrison's talk and dialogue with participants. Listening to the tape of the event, you can take part in this inquiry into actuality. You will have the opportunity to consider a number of vital questions, including these:

  • Can we make contact with the actual?
  • What do we find we truly want when we make the deepest contact with ourselves?
  • Can we let go even of consciousness?

This is a tape filled with humor, profound inquiry, and honest self-examination that will give you much to ponder.

To order, visit Sentient Publications. Downloadable MP3 version available for $6.95 at and Learn Out Loud.